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Remember the time where you used to stand in line for more than 2 hours just for some free McDees? I know I did. It came to a point where the trade off didn’t seem to make sense — and that was when I smiled and knew that I was finally worth more than $2 an hour.

It’s funny because I didn’t use to think of time as an asset class.

But when you trade what’s limited (your lifespan) for something that’s potentially unlimited and decreasing in value (at an exponential rate), it doesn’t take a genius to figure out…

Central Bank Digital Currencies CDBC

Make no mistake, a major crack down on crypto is underway.

And it’s not just the regular FUD at work here. China is coming down hard this time.

In the past few weeks:

In the Bitcoin world where 65% of the mining hash rate comes from China, this is a kind of a big deal. Reasons cited the prevention and control…


The past few weeks were pretty rough for the crypto market. The entire market cap shrank from $2 to $1.6 trillion and Bitcoin nosedived from it’s near ATH at $50k handle to sub $30k.

Amidst the crypto carnage, despite

  • A trillion dollar asset class crashing 42%
  • Cascading liquidations caused by tons of people using up to 100x leverage getting wiped out
  • Asset prices crashing by 70% or more
  • The lack of regulations

There were no open ended losses, no spill over systemic effects to the broader financial world, and no need for tax payer bail outs.

Yet this new financial…


If you’re sick of the high fees on pure ETH chains, and are not impressed with the centralization of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you might want to consider yield farming on the Terra Luna network instead.

Sitting quite comfortably at around 50th position by market cap, this is a little known project that has been backed by notable VCs like Binance Labs, Polychain, Coinbase Ventures and Galaxy Digital.


Bountiful yields. That’s all we want when yield farming.

Is that really too much to ask for? Well apparently not, if you’ve seen what’s happening in the world of DeFi lately, yields have reached as high as 80k% APY, or loosely translated to 2% per day (since APY is based on a daily compounding assumption, which kinda skews the figure).


Get ready to make some serious money from your crypto stack.

HODLing leaves your tokens idle. Fortunately there’s a better way than just playing the waiting game.

Want to make money while waiting for your token to moon? How about getting your funds to work harder than you at the office?

Now you can!


Staking in the purest sense of the word, refers to proof-of-staking (PoS). This was the earliest way to earn “interest” on your holdings.

Just like how Bitcoin miners need to prove that they have “done work” via Proof-of-work (PoW), PoS token owners “mine” by holding on…


DBS, an AA-/Aa1 rated bank in an AAA rated country, recently issued its First Tokenized Bond on a Digital Exchange.

If this doesn’t convince you on how bullish the prospects are for this industry, there’s a chance you just might be one of them grumpy boomers.

But wtf is tokenization? Does that even mean that it’s “real”? Or does it exist in a magical faraway land called blockchain? How do you even trade it?

All these and more in this episode!

1. You can tokenize just about anything

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. What is tokenization? …


It’s official. Alt-coin season 2021 is finally here.

Bitcoin dominance is currently at a cycle low of <50%. Which means that alt coins now make up more than half of the entire crypto market cap.

And you know what’s better than having 1 Bitcoin in your stack?

Why, having 10 of course!


They say you need you need a certain amount of madness to be a visionary entrepreneur.

When Zhao Changpeng first learnt about Bitcoin at a poker table in 2013, he knew in his blood, that this was the future. So after reading Satoshi’s white paper, he sold his apartment and went all in on the cryptocurrency.

Better known as “CZ” in the community, he now runs Binance, one of the most successful crypto conglomerates on the Interweb.

What first started out as an alt-coin exchange has now blown into a potential full scale competition with Ethereum, via his version of…

This is a stock price chart of Nike Inc. from the 1980s to now.

Brandon C.

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